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School is DONE!!

YES! School is almost out!!!

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Village Announcements          Next Board Meeting:  06/19/2018  

Meeting Date!!

    Board Meetings - The Village Board meetings will be at 6:00pm, at the Norwood Municipal Building boardroom.

Norwood Recycles!
    Norwood Lake Association - The Recycling Center is still here for you!  Every Saturday from 8am until 11am!

Village Meetings

    Village Board Notes - Click here to read the Village Board meeting notes for January 2018

      Monthly Notes - Click here for information from the Mayor, Tim Levison   (June 2018)

     - Norwood Village Green Concert Series - Click here for the schedule!

Note from the Norwood DPW
Brush pickup will be done on Mondays only!  Please have your brush, leaves, branches, etc. out by Monday morning.  We do not take boards, plywood, or plastic plant holders.  Thank you!!

The Norwood Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCP) will be conducting *2* days of "leak testing" in the sewage system, on June 12th and June 13th.  A non-toxic smoke will be blown into the system to reveal leaks that allow storm water and other surface waters to enter.  Locating and correcting these leaks will conserve expensive capacity at the treatment plant.
Click here to see a complete fact sheet on this event

Copies of this fact sheet can be found at the Norwood DPW, Municipal Building, the Norwood branch of Community Bank, Perry's Market, and the Hometown Diner 

Memorial Day Parade

Click here to see the article in the Webpage


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